Thursday, April 07, 2011

Spring comes late to our lane

When people ask me if I like living here – in the Peak District - I  always say “I loathe it in the winter and I love it in the summer. Winter is the price you have to pay for the other nine months of the year.” Well, now it’s payback time!

My slackline is back up on the front lawn, and this is my favourite time for gardening, when the weather is mild enough to work outside, and the weeds have not yet got a hold so I feel optimistic about finally fettling things.

Every morning lately I’ve been sitting in my study working on my marketing and PR campaign for the new book, but yesterday I kept rushing outside and throwing myself down on the bench, shutting my eyes and turning my face to the sky, and saying, “Come and get me, sun!”

I had to go to the post office, which is in the next village, so I nipped there on my bike. I passed the sheep and lambs in the field at the end of our lane, but they weren’t near enough to the wall to photograph. But down the hill and over the wall amongst the trees, there was:

mar11 012

mar11 008

What joy. The other day we saw tiny piglets scurrying around in the mud. Yesterday they were lying with their mother on the straw in the ark, and I didn’t have my zoom.

Here are some shots of the lambs from another evening:

april08 114

april08 118

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