Friday, May 20, 2011

Back in the real world

Apr 10 2nd Llangollen barge holiday 185 

On a bright sunny morning, the sunshine bounces off the canal and plays lovingly on the ceiling of the narrowboat, and I like to lie there and stare at the shimmering patterns. Sun is streaming in my window now onto my patchwork quilt: I’m home.

The thing that makes a canal holiday so relaxing is the feeling that you’re away from everything, and that’s the feeling that makes me not want to actually live on a boat. After a while I want to get back to reality, to see the rest of the family and all my friends. To get on with LIFE.

But yesterday, my first day back, I thought of my to-do list and looked at the book, my book, and I thought - “Whose idea was that?”

After moving at a speed of 4 m.p.h. for three weeks out of the last four, I needed to rev up again. We cleaned the house, I played my sax, i talked to various members of the family, and then I went to Sheffield to see my grandsons. Yesterday we had fun playing a made-up game with a large Lego wheel on the windowsill, and then we watched Blue Peter. Yes, Sue: that’s real life.

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