Sunday, May 22, 2011


Life on a narrowboat doesn’t do a lot for your hair, and when I got home the first thing I did – even before seeing my grandsons – was to go to the hairdresser’s. I have a big month ahead with the publication day on the 9th June: so far - three bookshop signings, a talk, a book launch, two newspaper pieces, one in a glossy magazine, and two slots on the radio. When I got home I thought my hair was a mess with a capital M. Although now I look at the photos, it’s not so seriously awful…

this is me looking pleased because I have just opened a very heavy lock gate on my own…

May 2011 Rainbow Lorikeet 043 

May 2011 Rainbow Lorikeet 050

The one above is me waiting for a lock to fill.

Anyway… since I got home from The Hair Rooms, Dave has not mentioned my hair. Usually he says something like -

“I can’t see any difference” or

“Hmm, that’s a bit unusual” or

“Exactly why do you like going to that particular woman?”

But this time he hasn’t said a dicky bird. Is that because it is is so very bad he can’t trust himself to comment? Or is it because he hasn’t noticed any difference and didn’t even clock I went to get it cut ?

(I’m not posting a pic of the new cut here in case one of you says it looks terrible.)


Diane said...

Oh, lots of coverage coming up! Good stuff, keep us posted.

I'm sure your hair looks good and Dave just didn't notice. Laughing at “Hmm, that’s a bit unusual”, though. The words every woman longs to hear! ;)

Sue Hepworth said...

Thanks, Diane, that's encouraging. Hoping to see you in Sheffield Waterstone's on June 18th - if you can't come to the launch itself.