Wednesday, May 04, 2011

“But you are enjoying it, aren’t you?”

That’s what Dave said to me this morning when I was telling him how many things I had on my publishing to-do list for today.

…and I said to him, “Actually, no. I’m not enjoying the process.” I love the actual book we’ve produced – I mean the cover and the printing – the actual paper product I take to bed with me every night. It’s fab. And I love the text. I think it’s a GOOD book. And I love it when people tell me how much they’ve enjoyed it. Which one or two readers of the pre-release copies are beginning to do. I can’t wait until my regular blog readers get to read it too.

But as a beginner publisher there are so many new things to get to grips with and to make decisions about that sometimes it does my head in. The hardest decision I’ve had to make is what paper to have it printed on. Who would have thought that was a consideration? And as for the Amazon Kindle Publishing contract – that is a murky beast I wouldn’t want to bump into in a dark alley. With the help of Dave and Isaac, I think I now have it sussed, but time will tell.

I have to say to anyone out there that if you want a professional, patient, knowledgeable and so far bullet-proof guy to see you through the process, Geoff Fisher, sales exec for CPI printers is your man.

The good news which I got on the barge last week is that Gardners Books, biggest book wholesaler in the country, is going to stock the book, and this opens up all kinds of possibilities. It’s HUGE for a self-publisher to be taken on by them.

You will be able to buy (or order to buy) your copy of the book from

  • your local bookshop
  • The Book Depository – who send books abroad and don’t charge postage
  • Amazon

And you will be able to buy it for the Kindle on Amazon, too.

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Diane said...

Oh, brilliant news about the wholesaler, well done! LOVE The Book Depository, as does my Dad in Australia :)