Tuesday, May 03, 2011

An uncanny correlation

Last week on the narrowboat, the only person who always moved from back to front of the barge by walking along the side while the barge was in motion, rather than going below deck to make the transition, was also the only person who fell in.




Admittedly, he was trying a more complicated manoeuvre at the time – trying to shove the boat away from the pillar of a bridge where it was headed - but even so.

And on the publishing front – I’ve come back to a great list of tasks which I have to get done before Saturday. To calm me down I keep a talismanic copy of the book on my bedside table. The trouble with this is that I have now spotted two new typos in there. What to do? Pay to get those pages typeset again before I get my big batch printed? Or leave them and hope that no readers will spot them (on the grounds that up to now none of the publishing team has done so)?


Sabby said...

Hi Sue,

Leave the typos, as a reader I don't care about typos, if I'm enjoying the book, and I've enjoyed both of your previos novels so I wouldn't worry at all.

Best, Shafia

Sue Hepworth said...

Hi Shafia! How nice to hear from you! I thought you had disappeared into the void.x