Sunday, May 15, 2011

I’m not fitted for this life

Did you ever read Zuzu’s Petals? Do you remember all the disasters that Corinne had on board the barge? They are all things that have happened to me. (Not a first edition floating in the canal, but a roll of film, in my case.)

Today I was standing in the teensy-weensy bath having a shower. When you have a shower you’re supposed to turn on the water pump to empty the water into the canal. I forgot until half way through the shower, so I was standing up to my ankles in shower water. Then I knocked the plug into the bath and didn’t notice that it had found it’s own way into the plughole. So then when I finished the shower I was still standing up to my ankles in shower water, the pump was still going, and the plug had been sucked so tightly into the hole that I couldn’t pull it out.

I am a stranger in the world of even simple mechanics. I just look at the mop for swabbing the deck and the head falls off.

Dave fixes everything. He’s my man.

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