Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Lavatories and writers

The boat we’re on has a different kind of toilet facility from the hire boats. They have a ceramic loo and a sewage tank on board and you have to pay to have it pumped out once a fortnight. This boat has a plastic loo with a toilet box underneath which fills up every two days, and you have to find a sanitary facility where you can empty it. That’s fine for me: Dave is happy to do the honours. But when we arrived in Banbury yesterday and got a speedy internet connection and a place to get some food – Morrisons – it was a treat to use the flushing loo there.

I think everyone on the boat should have their own toilet box,” said Dave this morning, when we were chatting in the bedroom.

Me: “Why on earth do you say that? That’s the kind of thing a character in one of my novels would say.”

Dave: “No doubt they will.”

Sue: “That’s very funny. I’ll have to put it on the blog.”

He drew the curtains.

Sue: “Hang on, is there anyone on the towpath?”

Dave: “No. But people don’t look in, anyway.”

Sue: “I do.”

Dave: “Well, thankfully, the towpath isn’t teeming with writers searching for copy.”

Sue: “That’s very bloggable.”

Dave: “See. It’s not even six o’clock and I’ve contributed two things to the blog already.”

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