Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Buried treasure

Dave and I have lived within half a mile of the Monsal Trail (check the link for photographs) for 16 years. We’ve walked on it three times a week, and it’s always been my preferred cycle route into Bakewell.

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Now the Peak Park has opened it up in the other direction for another eight miles through four previously closed tunnels, we both cycle up the new track almost every day. It’s a joy. We feel as though we’ve discovered a pot of hidden treasure in our back garden. It’s such a great thing to be organised by the powers that be, that we’re half expecting an announcement that it’s all a mistake, and the thing is now closed.

I went up it at eight o’clock this morning in the bright sunshine. I met just three hikers and one other person on a bike. If you haven’t already walked or cycled up it, do! The views are spectacular, and the silence is lovely. I have a favourite spot between the Cressbrook and Litton tunnels. I stop and lean on the railings and look down into the deep river gorge and listen to the birds. The only other sound today was a cow lowing in the distance. It was a perfect way to start my day.

In case you live locally, here are three events I’m doing this week, related to my new book – BUT I TOLD YOU LAST YEAR THAT I LOVED YOU:

  1. A talk at the Nice Cafe on King Street in Bakewell at 7.30 pm Thursday 16th June
  2. Signing books in Waterstone’s, Orchard Square, Sheffield, Saturday 18th June,  11am - 3pm
  3. Signing books at Hassop Station on the Monsal Trail, Sunday 19th June,  1-3pm  

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