Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Life is hectic this week. But yesterday afternoon was a rare interlude of R & R and I managed to get to my saxophone lesson. I have told my teacher, Mel, I want to learn to improvise. And to do that, I need to know some music theory. At present I don’t know any. None at all. Zilch. Yes, I can play, yes I can sight read, but that is the limit to my musical knowledge. So yesterday Mel spent fifty minutes on Major chords.  Isn’t it complicated? Isn’t it challenging? Isn’t it dull?

Oh my God.

But this year I have learned how to publish a book. Maybe I can also learn the intricacies of music theory. Wish me luck: it’s my latest challenge. (Even if I don’t succeed, the attempt should keep my brain alive.)

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galant said...

Well done, you, on taking up a new challenge!
Margaret P