Monday, June 06, 2011

Up to date

This morning I have been busy. I have -

  • uploaded the Kindle version of But I Told You Last Year That I Loved You to the Kindle store on Amazon;
  • registered my book on the Public Lending Rights database so that when people borrow it from libraries I get a few pence;
  • had trouble wrestling the ISBN database into submission, so rung up the agency; (the staff there are very sweet, polite and patient. I can imagine them covering the phone receiver with their hands and whispering to each other: “It’s another one of those over-anxious greenhorn publishers." But they’re nice to me, so I don’t care.)
  • rung the wholesaler to make sure they have stocks for orders, as a bookseller said she was having trouble getting hold of a copy of my book.

Now I am going to put away the greengroceries we bought from Bakewell market and bake some chocolate buns for my grandsons who are visiting this afternoon. Then I shall practice on my slackline. This is vital, because the most wonderful thing about launch day is that my two brothers and two sisters are going to be here, and they will all want to have a go on the slackline, and being a large family we do tend to get a tad competitive.

My family, 1958


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