Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Show and tell

These are the flowers on my kitchen work surface, in the jug my sister Jen gave me:

July 2011 064

This is the mouse that was hiding in the back porch:July 2011 059

And these are the dungarees which a friend from Canada gave me years ago.  They are torn and patched and do nothing for my figure (I am not really that baggy underneath) but they are my favourite disreputable garment and when I am past caring what I look like I shall wear all the time.

July 2011 060

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galant said...

I think the dungarees are wonderful! I love old garments that go on and on. My husband only recently parted, with such sweet sorrow, with an old quilted jacket (the nylon sort that Foster Menswear sold in the 1970s) that was my late Uncle's gadening jacket. Now, Uncle died in 1990, more than 21 years ago, and it had seen many years of use until then. So when he died and Mum asked if husband wanted any of Uncle's things, he grabbed the gardening jacket and since then it's been used for gardening, decorating, anything where something warm but light was necessary. There were so many splashes of paint on it it was like an art installation. Then the zip 'went' so he had to step in and out of it to put it on, as it was stuck fast, but last year when he painted my summerhouse we did think that the end was nigh for the jacket and it was cermoniously dumped in the bin a month or two ago. Maybe the dungarees will last a bit longer than the 40 or so years' of Uncle's old jacket?
Pretty flowers and pretty little mouse.
Margaret P