Friday, August 12, 2011

Nothing to write home about, but enjoyable nonetheless

It’s been a busy week.

My book is selling well locally and I have to keep tabs on which shops need topping up with copies. I’ve also persuaded another local shop to stock them. I was also asked to write a piece for the November issue of the National Autistic Society’s magazine, Communication. In the August issue they are reviewing my book. They like it!

Other than that, I’ve been catching up on socialising and random fun (e.g. cycling up to the end of the Monsal Trail with my big sister Kath, who is older than me but who has twice as much energy; and playing castle Lego on the floor with my grandsons, who are younger than me and have twice as much energy) and I’ve been trying to master some particularly tricky riffs in a new arrangement of Gershwin’s Someone to watch over me (on my sax.)

Today Dave and I went to buy some stained glass from the warehouse. He is making a new piece, and I was allowed to choose the glass for it. It’s a wonderland in there…

Aug 2011 021

Aug 2011 024

Aug 2011 028

Aug 2011 030

Aug 2011 032


galant said...

How long is this Monsal Trail? I've never ridden a bike in my life - my parents refused to buy me one as we lived in a shop which gave onto a pavement (obviously) and then onto a main road, so it really wasn't safe for cyclists, although they never seemed to object to their paperboys cycling, har, har, just their precious little daughter! But had I been a parent then, I'd have felt much the same, I am sure. So I'm always impressed with people who can cycle. Our elder son loved cycling but did too much of it at an early age and damaged his knees - he was a member of the Cycling Touring Club and, aged eleven, did their 100 miles in a day, and their 100 kms in a day (not the same day, I might add!) which is quite a lot for an adult, never mind a youngster, plus cycling tours of Scotland and Wales (not known to be flat countries!)

I would love to be among all that stained glass! How beautiful it all looks. Might I recommend, if you've not read it, Rachel Hore's novel The Glass Painter's Daughter?
Margaret P

Jean said...

With that wonderful selection of glass how on earth do you choose.............

Sue Hepworth said...

Actually Jean, it was hard to find exactly the right colours in glass with an appropriate texture. e.g.I couldn't get the pink I wanted, so hope what we did buy will do.
Thanks for the book tip, Margaret. The Monsal Trail is 20km long. For photographs of it, see my blog post for May 27th.