Thursday, September 01, 2011

Reasons to be happy despite the end of summer

Yes, it’s September today, but I’m happy -

  • the sun is shining and I’ve just had a bike ride up the beautiful Monsal Trail
  • I got my monthly sales report from the wholesaler and I can send in a bill for books sold in August
  • 3 weeks today I will be in San Francisco with Isaac, Wendy and Lux
  • I am loving not doing any writing, and fettling the rampant garden instead
  • I just bought a new vacuum cleaner. I hate cleaning, but I hate (even more) vacuuming and not seeing the difference – the Dyson can go to the tip!


galant said...

I find the Dyson heavy and awkward (it's an early model) but it certainly sucks up the dirt. What type have you now bought?
Margaret P

Sue Hepworth said...

The Dyson was a big disappointment. Yes, it is heavy and awkward and top heavy, and in the 7 years we have had it, we have needed three new hoses - they split.
Now we have a Miele and I am having fun with it - oh how sad I am.

galant said...

My brother and sister in law have a Miele and find it great. Our Dyson topples over at the least provocation, often when it's just standing there doing nothing, it's so top heavy. No split hoses but it's a very unweildy monstrosity and we only keep it because (a) the expense of buying another and (b) it does suck up the dirt even if awkward to use.
No, you are not sad. We are in partnership with our appliances - we look after them and they should look after us by doing the job they were engaged(i.e. bought!) to do!
Margaret P