Friday, January 20, 2012


Jane (Linfoot) and I are having huge fun working on the sequel to Plotting for Beginners. It’s such a delight to talk about the characters with her: to us they are real people. Working out back-stories for quirky bits of their behaviour is a delight, but then I do tend to work out back-stories all the time for people around Bakewell, whom I recognise by sight but don’t know.

I’ve even got a back-story for the cat, who was a stray. The cat rescue lady thought Chione was dumped at the age of 6 months when her owner did not want to pay to have her spayed. (the cat lady’s back-story for the cat.)

dec05 002

Chione isn’t interested in drinking from her bowl downstairs, she likes to drink from soapy containers she finds in the bathroom. Or she climbs in the bath after my shower and laps up the water from around the plughole. Easy-peasy: I’ve decided that when she was a kitten her owners must have kept her in the bathroom when they went to work, and she became hooked on water with a hint of soap in it.

Dave is not convinced by my back-stories, but then he’s a non-fiction man, so no surprise there.

dec05 011


lyn said...

What a sweetie! I'm completely convinced by her backstory, why else would she love soapy water? My Lucky was kept in a shed by her previous owners & she still likes to burrow under the old dressing gown she sleeps on. I think it's the memory of being cold & maybe frightened in the shed. She does it less now than when she first arrived. She's decided curling up on my bed is cosier.

galant said...

Oh, what an adorable cat!

Sue Hepworth said...

Yes, galant, she does look adorable in these pictures. She is older and fatter now - as am I.
Hi Lyn, thanks for sharing your cat's backstory - I am glad I am not the only one who makes up stories about my cat.