Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Big S, here, at last

Here in the Derbyshire Peak District, it is Spring – at last: at 6.15 this morning when I switched on the light and turned on my laptop to write, the birds were singing.

feb07 114

This last week I’ve been romping along with the sequel to Plotting for Beginners (still no title, as yet). I told Jane I’d have the first 12,000 words to her by Friday night, but I failed. There is a key scene I’d been looking forward to writing at the end of this section of the novel, but by the time I arrived there I was exhausted and also, not very well. But you have no idea how needy writers are, unless you are a writer yourself, and I was desperate for feedback on everything I had written thus far, so I wrote a bum key scene and emailed the whole lot off.

Bad mistake. Jane has zero tolerance for rubbish, so when I wake up tomorrow I shall get a no-nonsense email telling me precisely where I have gone wrong. She is an editor par excellence, as well as an overflowing fount of hilarious comic material. I am so lucky to have such a great co-writer. On with the show!

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