Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Progress report

It is becoming increasingly hard to break off from writing The Sequel in order to write to you, dear readers.  This is partly because I only have so much writing time and energy, but also because my head is stuffed full of the characters and plotlines of the new book, and it’s hard to get into another mindset.

The book is going well. Jane liked the first 12,000 words I sent her and the problems with the key scene have been easily rectified, and I can tell she is enjoying the book as much as I am. Yes, she had some criticisms (this is Jane we’re talking about – editor extraordinaire – Sue said politely ) and if she hadn’t emailed me back a list of detailed edits and broader long-haul points I would be thinking she wasn’t engaged. We do sometimes fight, but it is rare.

The main triumph is this: it’s been seven years since I wrote as Sally Howe, heroine and narrator of Plotting for Beginners, and Jane and I wondered how long it would take for me to recapture the voice of Sally. Well, I’ve done it.

Bodmyn Corner has not yet made an appearance in the text however, and I am wondering why. Has Sally outgrown her creative writing guru?  Will readers miss him?

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