Wednesday, March 07, 2012


One of the very many things my sister Jen and I miss with our mother gone, is her encouragement. These days we try to encourage each other. Encouragement is an underrated blessing you can offer someone else. And I always find Mary Oliver’s poem, Wild Geese, helpful: if you need some encouragement, find it and read it. (Though of course, it may not speak to your condition.)

There’s a blog I have enjoyed checking into from time to time called The Scent of Water  and one time I found something really encouraging that I wanted to share with you. Megan Young writes the blog and she gave me her permission.

She said to her blog readers

“So, with much love and great respect, here are 50 things I know about you:

1. You do your best.

2. You doubt your best is good enough.

3. It truly is.

4. So relax about it.

5. At times you feel invisible.

6. Though your smile lights up a room.

7. And your laughter a universe.

8. Use them often.

9. They make you beautiful.

10. Gospel truth.

11. You worry a lot.

12. Which is useful, sometimes, for making plans.

13. But not for hiding.

14. You're needed out here.

15. In spite of your imperfections.

16. Because of your imperfections.

17. And all the gifts you have that you casually discount.

18. Stop doing that.

19. Accept them. Grow them. Stand tall on them.

20. Share them.

21. Sometimes the world rests on your shoulders and you don't always want to bear the weight.

22. It's okay.

23. You don't always have to.

24. Put it down for a minute and catch your breath.

25. Jump in puddles, climb trees, sing in the rain.

26. The world will still be there tomorrow.

27. You will still have the courage to face it tomorrow.

28. However difficult it feels.

29. That's what makes it courage.

30. That's what keeps whole worlds in motion.

31. Whenever you doubt your worth or your place.

32. Please remember that.

33. Your life might not be what you expected it to be.

34. It's still your life.

35. And there's still time enough.

36. If not to be a ballerina, then to dance.

37. If not a doctor, then to heal.

38. So dance, so heal.

39. Sometimes you're too busy for the things that bring you joy.

40. It feels self-indulgent, maybe, or selfish.

41. Even if you had the time.

41. Make the time.

42. Say no to something else.

43. Because your joy is the least selfish thing about you.

44. It's treasure, and charm, and wonder, and delight.

45. It's unique. It's powerful.

46. Which makes you unique. And powerful.

47. Also gospel truth.

48. Don't worry about changing the world.

49. Just by showing up.

50. You already have.”



kate said...

Thank you for this today. I forget. I like to be reminded. I am enough.
Ecxellent list of Megan's

Sue Hepworth said...

I'm really pleased it helps, Katie. It certainly helps me. Good old Megan!