Monday, March 26, 2012


Mar 2012 Leeds Liverpool with Jak 020

Narrowboats naturally reflect the tastes and lifestyles of their owners, and this applies to the boats of boat companies too.The boat we were on last week was clean, bright, and it had a good engine.  It had basic cooking equipment, a self-tuning telly (a miracle if you watch the telly) and it had a HUGE clip file containing details of all the pubs and eateries along the length of the canal, often with menus included. (We did not need this – we took most of our food along with us.)

The boat had everything we needed apart from one thing.There was no shelf above the bed for a book, a mug of tea, your glasses, a torch, whatever. Every other boat I have been on has a shelf by the bed.

I guess the owners of our boat spend the evening in the pub, stagger home and settle down to sleep under their minus 3 tog rated duvet and the idea of reading never enters their mind. But don’t they even like to start the day sitting in bed with a mug of tea, while the boat warms up?

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