Sunday, March 11, 2012

Small talk redux, and a Fair Trade breakfast

I had a difficult week last week, which is why I was so dyspeptic in Friday’s post. Now all I will say about small talk is that the weather was invented so that hairdressers and smiley dental assistants have something to talk about so they don’t have to say to you, “Are you off out tonight?” We just need to inform them all of this.

I am now feeling better. The sun shone today, and the day started in a warm and friendly way with a fair trade breakfast provided by the children at Quaker Meeting, They had a sleepover last night at the Meeting House, and this morning they provided breakfast for all the adults (with a little help from some of the Friends) before Quaker Meeting.

It was fab. All the ingredients were either fair trade, home made, or locally sourced. They prepared most of it themselves, set the tables, made the menus, and acted as the waiting staff. Our Meeting would lose its sparkle if no kids came.

Q breakfast 3

q breakfast 1

Q breakfast 4

Thank you Josh, Rachel, Anna, Hamish and Sasha.

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