Thursday, April 26, 2012

April is the lambiest month

april08 114

“April is a beautiful month in the Derbyshire Dales: the colour returns to the landscape. All through the long cold winters, the grass in the fields is a wretched faded khaki or a pale acidic green. Add a leaden sky, and that’s how dreary it is from December to March. But in April, the grass begins to grow, the fields light up with the vibrant green, and the lambs have grown strong and chubby, and chase up and down from dry stone wall to dry stone wall in crazy races, like balls bouncing off the cushions of a snooker table. They climb up on ancient tree stumps and manure heaps in the corners of fields and then charge down again, they butt each other and climb on each others’ backs, they spring up vertically on ridiculous, unbending legs.” 

– from But I told you last year that I loved you by Sue Hepworth


cropped lambs

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