Monday, May 21, 2012

This is where I’ve been…

May 2012 trent and mersey canal 051

May 2012 trent and mersey canal 216

…in Cheshire, on the Trent and Mersey canal. We had booked a different boat on the Kennet and Avon, but the boat company rang up two days before our trip to say the canal was leaking and closed for repair, so they offered us two other choices.

The weather was iffy, and my bed was 2 feet wide (yes, literally)  and I felt as though I was sleeping on a pantry shelf. But the company on board was convivial, and there were lots of laughs, and we were on a narrowboat, when all’s said and done, and it was MAY, the best month of the year, so yes. It was a good holiday.

The highlight of Dave’s trip was our ride on the Anderton Boat Lift – a way to transfer 50 feet downwards onto the River Weaver…

May 2012 trent and mersey canal 170

The highlight of my trip was the birdsong. When we moored up near trees the birdsong was varied and loud and wonderful, and even when we were chugging along the canal, the low throbbing of the engine didn’t drown it out.

I’ve been on a narrowboat on three rivers now – the Avon, the Severn and the Weaver…

May 2012 trent and mersey canal 168

…but I prefer canals. You get a more intimate view of your surroundings, there is always a towpath to walk on, and there are times when you’re higher than the surrounding countryside - which is never the case on a river – so there are some fabulous views. Anyway, I love those little bridges…

April 2011 (Easter) barge holiday 017

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