Monday, September 10, 2012

Family fun

I am so sorry not to be posting much, but you know, it's full pelt here in this one baby one toddler, two parents, one Gran household here in San Francisco. I've been to brunch, the park, the beach, the library for children's books, changed nappies, supervised bath time, fed the baby and read The Gruffalo more times than I can remember - and loved every minute of it all.

Oh, and did I mention that it's HOT, and that I have so far had only one margarita in the large number on the list to be imbibed while here?  The oddest thing has to be an evening of babysitting, while watching the first five episodes of Downton Abbey back to back, a series that had up to last night passed me by. (Yes, yes, I know now what I've been missing.) Fancy having to come 5,000 miles from home to get hooked on Downton Abbey. But then you probably always suspected I was slightly weird, right?

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