Friday, September 07, 2012

Fashion tips

I am here in San Francisco. The flight was good: quiet, uneventful, on time. Good job, British Airways - see, I have the local lingo already - it slips off the tongue (or keypad) as if I've never been away. 

And Wendy took me for my traditional pedicure this morning, which is a big SF treat. As well as having pretty feet at the end of a peaceful hour of self-indulgence, it’s a rare chance to catch up with women’s magazines. Today I read Elle, Bazaar and Vogue, and found a host of helpful titbits. I discovered that there’s such a thing as “tight pants syndrome,” which you get from wearing too-tight jeans, and can lead to a long list of unpleasant health problems. Also, there’s a blog called Man Repeller, which tells you what not to wear if you care about attracting men. My favourite quote, though, was this: “Dresses have become too trendy. I am convinced by trousers.”

Ooh, ooh, almost forgot... the day in a life of Michael Kors, a fashion designer, who said “I’m definitely a man who loves his tote collection....I have an L.L.Bean leather tote from the 40s...that I was fortunate to find while vintage shopping here in New York. As soon as I saw it I was like, Oh my God.”

It’s that last sentence that creases me up.

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