Saturday, September 15, 2012

Today's slogan

And here, from Peekabootique in Noe Valley, where I bought a puzzle for Lux, is today's slogan, 

I also went to the park with Lux and Isaac and had my best coffee ever (from Philz Coffee.)

Tonight we're visiting Velvet Cantina where they make the best margaritas. Two days left, and I'm starting to miss San Francisco and Lux and Cece and Ise and Wendy, already. I've done hardly any writing this visit: I have been too busy playing with Lux. But these moments and days are fleeting. My writing will be at home when I get there. Lux and Cece will not. And next time I see them they will each be at a different stage, playing different games, reading different books, and shock! horror! Lux may have grown out of watching Blue's Clues,  a delightful educational pre-school programme with the cutest presenter I've ever encountered: Steve Burns. 

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