Monday, October 15, 2012

What’s been happening

Imagine you were crazy about holidays on narrowboats. Imagine you had a friend who lived on a narrowboat and he wanted to go away on holiday and he asked you to look after the boat for him while he was gone.

That’s what Dave and I have been doing for the last two weeks. Nevertheless, my telling you that I was concentrating my writing energy on PLOTTING FOR GROWNUPS was true. I have been working hard on it. Besides which, the broadband connection via a dongle to my laptop was so patchy and weak that it would have been impossible for me to blog anyway. I did feel rather sheepish about going away again so soon after getting back from California, but in my defence, there were years and years when we never had holidays.

For all of you who like my photographs, here’s a selection…

Early mornings are the best part of the day on the canal..

Oct 2012 179

Oct 2012 190

Early morning mist over Llangollen…

Oct 2012 106

Oct 2012 111

Fortunately i didn’t have to disturb the web when I opened the paddle that morning…

Oct 2012 194

Our fabulous mooring in Llangollen basin…

Oct 2012 117

Oct 2012 120

I love canal bridges…

Oct 2012 198

Although I could live without lift bridges…they are such a faff.

Oct 2012 175

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