Thursday, January 03, 2013

Targets for 2013

I gave up telling people my new year resolutions years ago. I do them in secret and then peeps can’t say - “But you resolved never to nag me again about wiping my feet on the front door mat!” (Although if said peeps would have some resolutions of their own, I wouldn’t have to break mine…)

But… I do have six new targets for 2013:

  • get out on my bike three times a week (to stay fit, and to deal with the problem identified by Nora Ephron)
  • be outside under the sky for an hour every day, no matter what the weather (because I always feel better in the fresh air, and in the winter, it should keep seasonal affective disorder at bay)
  • work harder to get to grips with music theory so when Dave says he is playing in G on his guitar, I know what key I should be in on my sax to jam with him
  • sort out  my filing cabinets so I don’t need to have a pile of folders 10 inches high at the left hand back corner of my desk (which I imagine must be very bad Feng Shui)
  • grow up, and finally get a mobile phone contract in order to save money
  • tweet five times a day. More on this tomorrow.


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