Thursday, May 30, 2013


a bundle of unrelated thoughts and all in lower case a la e e cummings with scanty punctuation because it suits the mish-mash effect and is less effort and also in homage to giovanna, a character in plotting for beginners who took to writing her emails in lower case with no punctuation:

two dear people start chemotherapy this week. i think about them all the time.

i have had a good week working my way through a list of tasks and was about to upload the first ebook to Amazon when i hit a problem and now i have to wait to speak to isaac before i can sort it out, and he is in san francisco and asleep till this afternoon

the trees are fully out here but the may blossom has not appeared and it will be june in two days. will that make it june blossom?

this is my tweet of the week (cut and pasted from twitter so not in lower case)

Sue Hepworth: My husband learned today that a shower cap is for keeping your hair dry in the shower. He'd hitherto thought it a fashion item.

dave persuaded me he needed another narrowboat holiday so although i have a million things to do at home which include three weeks gardening and various publishing matters we got a cut-price-for-late-booking one on the leeds-liverpool canal for next week

the following pics are of said canal at gargrave, another may, another year



fortunately someone else will be here at hepworth towers to feed the cat

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