Thursday, May 09, 2013

The current plan

a pile of plottings

There have been times when all I could think about was either my writing, or when the next book was coming out. If you were reading my blog two years ago, you might recall my exploding brain as I wrestled with the intricacies of publishing BUT I TOLD YOU LAST YEAR THAT I LOVED YOU, which came out as a paperback and an ebook. (Both still available – hint, hint – and the paperback is on special offer on Amazon at the moment so you could buy it as a present for your friend, or your sister or your mother or all three. Or if you live abroad, you could buy it reduced from the Book Depository and get free postage to anywhere in the world. Who me? Pushy?)

June 2011 launch day 014

Two years ago, there weren’t any real life worries to distract me from my publishing agenda. This time, it’s really hard to concentrate on things like publication dates and prices. At the mo, the West Coast Hepworths are here and it’s all hands on deck. In two weeks time I’ll be staying with a loved one with cancer. And there’s another someone I love who is seriously ill. (No, not Dave.) My head is full of matters of life and death, so when Jane and Chrissie email me articles about How to price your ebook, I see the text but my brain is inert.

The present plan is to publish the ebook for PLOTTING FOR BEGINNERS on June 1st and to publish the ebook for PLOTTING FOR GROWN-UPS on July 1st. The paperback is on the back burner, because I don’t have the emotional energy to think about launches and marketing and signings. But I very much hope it will come out this summer.

What I would like to know from you, dear readers, is

1/ do you read ebooks?

2/ how much attention do you pay to the price of an ebook if it is £3 or less?



Anonymous said...

This is my chance to tell you I loved 'But I Told You...', it's one of my favourite books of 2013. I didn't want it to end...please consider a sequel!

I do buy ebooks but my enthusiasm is waning and my heart is gradually returning to paperbacks. Ebooks are easy to buy, easy to read and often a cheaper alternative but I also like having the real thing in my hands. I will pay more than three pounds if I was confident I would enjoy the story and knew the writer... Probably not the answer you were hoping for but it's an honest one.

Chris A

Sue Hepworth said...

Thank you, Chris. How encouraging to hear how much you liked Bity (as Jane and I call it).
I want so much to bring out a paperback of PfG. I just can't think about it right now - as I have tried to explain.
I agree with your views on ebooks and paperbacks, by the way.

lyn said...

I read ebooks but I'm not really influenced by price. If I know & enjoy the author's work or if it's been recommended by someone I trust, I'm happy to pay any reasonable price (around $10 Australian) for an ebook. I also love paperbacks & haven't stopped buying real books just because I can have the e version. But, I have limited space & a lot of books already so sometimes if the book isn't likely to be a keeper, I'll go for the ebook instead. I'm looking forward to both the Plotting books as I also enjoyed Bity.

Sue Hepworth said...

That's so good to hear. Thanks Lynn.

Sue Hepworth said...

Chris A - I would really like to know how you came across Bity. Was it on Amazon or passed on by a friend, or did you find it in a shop?
And if the latter, where?

Anonymous said...

Read one of your comments on Megan's blog so came to yours (and Dave's) and discovered your books. I think I bought Bity and Zuzu from Amazon...

Chris A

Anonymous said...

Dear Sue, as an avid reader:

a) I read e books by default - portability, storage space, minimalism etc
b) price is not a consideration - if I want to read, then I'm happy to pay the author's price.

Is e book anywhere near as good as the real thing - if the writing is good, then yes almost

Anonymous said...

But - if the writing is limp - the thumb stops clicking, and eyes start drooping.

I look forward to staying awake for your new book, whatever the price. Don't undersell!


Anonymous said...

Yes, I do read e books and I have come to enjoy the process, no more losing where I was , Kindle always remembers and with my life between the USA and England, I always have a good stock of books to choose from without the cost of an extra suitcase just for books. As for the price , if it has been recommended then what ever the price I will buy, also , periodically , I view the free books on Kindle , quite often there is the first book in a series , if I am hooked , I go and buy the rest of the series. I look forward to June 1st and the e book of PFB, I will be in Durham that weekend, hope the hotel has wifi!

Sue Hepworth said...

Aw, you guys! (she said, touched.) Thanks for responding and being so encouraging!