Wednesday, July 17, 2013

I am not superwoman

Sometimes people say to me – How do you manage to fit everything in?

The answer is – I don’t. Things don’t get done – e.g. cleaning, weeding, household accounts, publishing accounts, tax returns,  contacting the police about a peace vigil I am organising for later this year.

On Friday I went hell for leather all day, apart from a brief interlude when a friend visited and I sat down and talked, and laughed my way through her Glen Baxter book, which contains gems like this.

 glen baxter

On Saturday morning all I could manage was picking two kilos of strawberries from the back garden and doing the food shopping before I collapsed in the steamer chair on the patio until teatime, dozing, reading the papers, and listening to three episodes of The Archers I’d missed. I was zonked. My sinuses were also playing up.

lazy day

Later, I managed to summon up enough energy to make myself a Bloody Mary to The Little Red Hen’s recipe,


play table tennis with Dave, and water the sweet peas. The heat does me in, but I am not complaining.

Yesterday I called at the GP surgery for something and for the first time ever the car park was empty. Maybe if we had constant sunshine, the NHS wouldn’t be on its knees.


Anonymous said...

Superwoman! Pah! The very idea should be banned.

I went to M&S today - it was also empty, like your GP car park. But it might have something to do with being full of winter clothing! Daft beggars!

Chris A

Sue Hepworth said...

Hi Chris, looking forward to your comments on PfB and PfG - and I do hope you'll feel able to put an honest review on Amazon...

Anonymous said...

I'm dithering over what to write... (bashful face!!!)

Sue Hepworth said...

the truth!

Anonymous said...

Done! Well, I've written two reviews (BITY and PFB)but I'm bad at it...wish a smiley face would do!

Sue Hepworth said...

I am overwhelmed! Thank you, Chris. And I am so pleased you enjoyed PfB ...I already knew you liked Bity. Will email Jane immediately. What fantastic reviews!