Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Kafka-esque Amazon (with update)

I had an interesting post to write today about how I hate shopping, but now I am in too bad a mood.

I have had a lot of trouble with the listings of all my books on Amazon. When there’s a problem, you’re supposed to email their help people, if you can’t solve it yourself from their FAQ section. So I email them, and they tell me they have solved the problem and I check and they haven’t. So I email again. Actually, you know what? I’m not going to bore you with all of this. It’s bad enough that I have to go through it, and I am going through it on a daily basis.

But what happened last night is that after failing to solve the linking and listing problems, Amazon has now lost the listing of the paperback edition of Plotting for Grown-ups altogether. I can no longer find it on their site. It does not exist!  AAAAARRRGGGHHH.

They say they are looking into it.

They will get back to me.

They always do get back to me.

But you can bank on this – I am never, ever going to publish another paperback myself.

P.S. I just calmed myself down by reading Mary Oliver’s poem “For example.” I will not post it here. I will not breach her copyright. But I do recommend it.

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