Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Rural backwaters

aug 05 045

You have no idea how great it was to be away from the book and the PR for the book and the lawns that need mowing and the bathroom that needs cleaning and the list of jobs on my desk, at the top of which was RING PLUSNET.

Plusnet is our broadband and phone provider. They’ve been great for 4 years but lately we’ve been getting slower speeds as well as disconnections. I can never, ever, ever find the wallet file that contains our Plusnet contract and our scribbled password. After ten minutes of charging between Dave’s filing cabinet upstairs and mine downstairs I rang them anyway and after Dave had been hauled out of the bath to have a miraculously successful stab at the password, and to say it was OK for them to speak to me (the contract is in his name) a calm tech support chap with a soothing manner explained that we probably need a new router.

So that’s what we’re trying. But we are never going to get a download speed greater than 8mbps, because that’s all the village exchange will support. That’s living in the sticks for you.

The next thing on the list is to source some strong, clean cardboard boxes in which to store the 400 copies of PLOTTING FOR GROWN-UPS that will be arriving here tomorrow dressed in nothing but shrink wrap. (The majority of the books are going to the warehouse, and storing them there is not my problem.)

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