Thursday, August 01, 2013

Schedules pop out of nowhere

I’m sitting in bed relishing the fact that nothing is scheduled today until 2 p.m. Dave is in the shed and the house is quiet, though there’s a crow outside, making a fuss about something.
On Tuesday I was sitting at my desk with a day of work ahead of me, fretting over the new estimate from the printer, increased because there are more pages in Plotting for Grown-ups than I originally told them. Then the phone rang and it was the family member who declines to be named, wanting to come out for the day. Unscheduled - but who cares? It was so nice to see them.
Yesterday I was planning on working, but then Zoe was ill so I said I’d have Tate and Gil for the day. What a treat. I never thought I would be a doting grandmother. It’s taken me by surprise: ten years ago I thought women who droned on about their grandchildren were sad creatures and should get a life. Now I see that being with grandchildren IS life.

When I tell people that we have two grand-daughters in California, they usually say “Isn’t Skype wonderful?” and I say “Yes.” And it is when it works. But so often we get cut off. Yesterday, we managed to sing Happy Birthday to Lux, and then we got cut off. Connected again, I saw Lux with my present, about to open it, and we got cut off. It was precious to see her excited and happy, but the whole episode – after so many disconnections – left me feeling bereft. I never thought I would miss a granddaughter. I never thought I’d be sad I couldn’t be with her on her birthday. But aren’t I lucky to have any grandchildren at all?
Lux with her cake -
lux birthday 1
Cece -
cece aug 13

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