Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Jam today for Lux

It’s jam-making season at Hepworth Towers. I know some long-time readers will be sick of jam posts, so follow the asterisk at the bottom. (For new readers, you might enjoy this jam post or this one.)

But today is Lux’s birthday.

Happy Birthday, Lux!

And this jam-making sequence is for her.

lux on stairs

She is 3. And just choosing the photo of her to put on here made me miss her. I can’t be with her in California till October. She loves our jam, and she wanted to pick “berries” with me when she was here in May when the blackcurrants weren’t.

So here is what happened this week, Lux…

July 2012 006 

July 2012 007

July 2012 013



Dave had to to get the sticky labels off the old jam jars that wouldn’t come off with soaking in water…


July 2012 015





July 2012 019


July 2012 024

And it will be happening several times over the next few weeks: this was just the first batch. We have far too many blackcurrants.

Note to eagle eyed adults – no, Dave didn’t change his shirt during the process. I used pics from several years for the sake of clarity, so suck it up.


Lux’s Dad, Isaac Hepworth, tweeted today -

asked what she wants to do for her birthday today, @thebeean declares "I want to be three"

*(Those who aren’t interested can read my bunny club postings in July 2010. Start with The Bunny Club – a late-night posting and then read the one above it.)


Anonymous said...

Ah, jam making. I love the idea but one jar of anything lasts me all year. If I made more I'd have to eat it and just the thought adds inches to the waistline! Life's simply not fair!!


Sue Hepworth said...

We give 95% of it away as Dave eats none and I eat very little. But our jam is apparently really fab - according to my brother and sax teacher, and someone in the village....

Anonymous said...

I can't believe it! I found a long lost jar of last years vintage in the back of the cupboard. Lux will be so pleased when she wakes and finds there is Sue's jam for breakfast.