Sunday, October 06, 2013

Away and awake

I have a quiet moment when the family is asleep to think. When the family is awake, there are no quiet moments. I am not complaining.

I caught up with some films on the flight over here - the newish Alan Partridge (very funny) and a B stream RomCom called Admission, which was watchable enough when you're rammed into an airline seat for 12 hours.

If a film doesn't grip me now, I start to analyse it, thanks to the book I'm reading about how to write a screenplay - Cut to the Chase.

People have been asking me what I'm going to write now that PLOTTING FOR GROWN-UPS is out, and I've been fobbing them off by telling them I'm going to write a screenplay.

But having nearly finished reading Cut to the Chase, I've (almost) concluded that screenplays are not my bag. I like spare writing, but the stripped down nature of a screenplay doesn't appear to allow for the kind of whimsical, discursive dialogue I like to write. 

None of this matters right now. I'm away, it's hot and sunny, and for most of my waking hours there's a one year old and a three year old to contend with. Nuff said.

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