Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Final voting on the cast of Plotting for Grown-ups

For the last few days people on Twitter have been suggesting the cast for the film version of Plotting for Grown-ups. I’m listing them here so you can click on the comments at the bottom and have your say. Don’t be shy. You can remain anonymous.

Casting suggestions in order of popularity so far

Sally – Meryl Streep; Emma Thompson (an interesting and inspired suggestion, but she’d have to look older)

Kit – Pierce Brosnan


Hugh Jackman


Both contenders have very strong support. Some think Brosnan is too clean cut/smooth to be Kit. Some think that Hugh Jackman doesn’t have the yummy quotient of Brosnan. I am now havering between the two – it’s that waistcoat that does it.

Wendy –  Jennifer Saunders

jennifer saunders

Goldie Hawn

goldie hawn

Sarah Alexander (with hefty aging make-up),

sarah alexander

or lastly, self-nominated Sally Pepper of BBC Radio Derby (but only if Hugh Laurie plays Richard)

Sally Pepper

Richard – Hugh Laurie

hugh laurie as richard

or James Fleet

james fleet

Pippa – Patricia Hodge


Lindsay Duncan in up-tight mode,

lindsay duncan as pippa

or Ruby Wax (I am hoping this last suggestion was a joke.)

There are an awful lot of lurkers amongst you who read my blog and never comment. Your time has come. Vote now!

Some people have trouble with the comments thingy on Blogger – it can eat comments for breakfast, dinner and tea – and I have no trace of them, so if your comment doesn’t show up, send your votes to me at infoatdelicatelynuanceddotcom (take out the at and the dot) and I will post your comment for you.


Jane Linfoot said...

Pierce for Kit, Hugh Laurie for Richard, Sally Pepper for Wendy (Yay! Sally!!) and Lyndsay makes THE perfect Pippa !

Jane Linfoot said...

O dear, forgot to say that Emma wd be fab for Sally. Can she look old enough? Of course, think Nanny McPhee :)

Dorothy said...

James Fleet absolutely is Richard. Hugh Jackman looks like Kit! What about Celia Imrie for Pippa?Not sure about Sally isn't she a bit of a one off?

Sue Hepworth said...

Oooh, Celia Imrie! I like your thinking!
Are you not sure who should play Sally?

Sue Hepworth said...

Comment posted by Sue Hepworth from a reader called KATH:

Meryl, and Pierce and most definitely Patricia Hodge for Pippa. Jennifer Saunders might be good and Hugh Laurie as Richard.

Sue Hepworth said...

Comment posted by Sue H from reader, Paz Fontenla:

Sally: Susan Sarandon (with British accent) or Meryl Streep
Kit: Harrison Ford (as above)
Wendy: Either Jennifer Saunders or Joanna Lumley would do fine
Pippa: Patricia Hodge
Richard: Alun Armstrong

Sue Hepworth said...

Corrr, I never even thought of Harrison Ford - great idea!

Anonymous said...

Sally: Emma Thompson, Kit: Piers Brosnan; Wendy: Jennifer Saunders, Pippa:Patricia Hodge, Richard: James Fleet.

Second attempt to post a comment!
Barbara C

Anonymous said...

Sally - Victoria Wood
Kit - Sean Bean, Daniel Day Lewis
Wendy - Renee Zelweger
Pippa - Celia Imrie

Anonymous said...

Ok - well I think - perhaps a bit controversially? -that the very lustworthy and hugely talented Hugh Laurie would actually make a wonderful Kit. If you have seen him in House you will know how taciturn he can be and perfect in the scene where Sally and Kit (+dogs, bikes etc) first 'tangle' on Monsal Trail (and sure would look SSOOO desirable in waistcoat!)
Yes to Emma for Sally; James Fleet for Richard and Patricia Hodge for Pippa.
When can we make it happen??!!

Anonymous said...

Forgot to say Jennifer Saunders for Wendy!

Anonymous said...

I had a look at the people on your blog. I don’t know some of them (just like the so-called celebrities on Strictly Come Dancing) , and I didn’t know Hugh Jackman looked like that, so here are a few random comments: I don’t think you should have foreigners and for Sally, Emma Thompson would be streets more appropriate than Meryl Streep, even though I think she is a brilliant actress. Jennifer Saunders is wrong for Wendy, you need somebody small and cuddly but very lively and with-it and I can’t think of anyone at the moment. Celia Imrie could be Pippa with Hugh Laurie as Richard but Pierce Brosnan is far too smarmy for Kit – how about Daniel Craig or Ewan McGregor?

Sue Hepworth said...

Imagining Daniel Craig as Kit - not bad, but Kit isn't blond, and would DC look right with dark hair? Top notch in the sex appeal dept though...