Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Lazy day of wind and rain

I got up late yesterday, so was late at Bakewell market and then even later because I bumped into an old friend who bundled me into the nearest cafe for a catch-up. Then when I did get to my favourite greengrocery stall at 10.30, they were selling their stuff off cheap, so I snagged some bargains.

Dave and I had an old peoples’ afternoon and evening. We lit the fire, and I knitted, and Dave did the Christmas crossword and then entertained me by reading out unwittingly comic small ads from the Peak Advertiser. I flicked through the SALE catalogue from Celtic and idly considered buying the Darley Pocket Dress in 100% Geelong lambswool, now half price…

darley pocket dress

…not because I have the figure to wear a knitted dress, but because the thing is obviously warm and a real bargain and I always think that a knitted dress would be just the thing to wear over my pyjamas on cold mornings when I’m writing.

So there we were at teatime, each lying on a sofa in a quiet house, on an OFF Christmas, curtains drawn, fire blazing, with no shopping to do and no guests expected for four whole days, and he said with utter sincerity:

“As we’re approaching the corona of Christmas, how do we avoid burn-up?”

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