Sunday, December 22, 2013

Sexy complications and stress relief

To cheer you up while you take a break from the Christmas frenzy… further Christmas doings of our heroine, but this time – seven years later in PLOTTING FOR GROWN-UPS -

Friday December 23rd

Cooking therapy

I still felt shaky this morning, but not as bad as yesterday. I sat at my desk and tried to work out how to write my novel’s ‘Sexy Complication,’ (a development in the story that raises the stakes, makes Jenny’s goal clear to the reader, and sets Jenny and Liam at cross-purposes) but it was hopeless: my mind was too full of Kit.

So I gave up and spent the morning making vegetarian goodies for Sam for Christmas – a cashew and mushroom roast, a broccoli and stilton flan, a pile of vegetable samosas – and then I got a text from him:

Going to Luke’s squat to escape the bloated consumerist capitalistic crap. See you New Year. Have a good one. xxx

…and I felt like throwing it all at the wall. Bloody vegetarians!

Richard is coming here for Christmas Day and Boxing Day, so he and I can roast the spuds in goose fat and not olive oil, have real beef suet in the forcemeat balls, enjoy our Co-op Free-Range chicken and sausages and bacon in all their carnivorous glory, while picking at the carcase and licking our fingers, without veggie family members looking down on us from the moral high-ground.

In four days I’ll see Kit.

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Save turkeys! Eat a vegetarian!

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