Saturday, December 21, 2013

The next instalment

I thought you might like the next instalment of Sally Howe’s Christmas in Plotting for Beginners – following on from yesterday’s post….(so much of her life overlaps with mine)….

Tuesday 23rd December

Richard popped in, apparently just to give me a giant air freshener.

“What’s this for?” I asked.

“I thought it would be nice to put it in your loo—on Christmas Day. I wanted everything to be pleasant for Pippa.

“But why such a giant one?” I asked.

“With all the heavy duty farting that goes on in there I thought you needed something with teeth.”

from: kate wensley

to: sally howe

subject: last post

hi daise

bought tinned meatballs in gravy for dry run of christmas lunch for champman and pesto

tinned meatballs less appetising than pet food

all four cats refused to eat left-overs

on pesto’s instructions had to ask phil down the road where they buy their meatballs as pesto had eaten good ones at their house

they get meatballs from ikea

personally suggested that could maybe have meatballs some other time, perhaps after christmas in conjunction with outing to ikea sale

pesto said—fuck that

personally suggested we should make our own

idea vetoed by champman’s disgusted-of-matlock face

therefore family trek to ikea—

aragosta got up from sickbed to accompany

pesto and champman each had meatballs in ikea restaurant at 4pm (then felt sick but blamed that on tinned lunch)

got polka dot cups and saucers in passing so journey not entirely wasted

now have giant pack of ikea meatballs in freezer compartment

champman may be going off idea as someone has told him meatballs made from kangaroos

- it may have been me

best swedish traditions, love g

dec 07 066

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