Friday, December 20, 2013

Preparations: fact and fiction

Zoe and family are coming on Sunday for a BIG MEAL so I got up early to zip down to Bakewell for last minute food shopping, and Dave said he’d drive me cos was so icy. I feel just like Sally Howe in Plotting for Beginners

December 22nd

…Richard appeared at the front door, to give me a lift down to Bakewell for last minute shopping.

My list was leeks, spuds, apples, clementines, celery, tea, and yet more mincemeat.

His was candles, paraffin, ibuprofen, kaolin and morphine, bandages, sutures and sick bags. He likes to be prepared.


from: kate wensley

to: sally howe

subject: xmas lunch

hi daise

champman and pesto just decided they want ikea meatballs for christmas lunch

giovanna’s shopping page not sure

a/ if ikea sell meat balls outside restaurant

b/ whether andy would stand another trip to ikea if they do

personal suggestion of solving problem by going to ikea for christmas lunch met with mother-has-finally-lost-it looks

best suggestions, love giovanna


dec 07 080

All of the above is autobiographical.

Happy Days!

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