Thursday, December 19, 2013

What happens now

We’ve hit on a happy compromise for the OFF Christmas: Christmas is confined to my study, so I have a small tree (see pic on yesterday’s post) but no decorations, lights or cards elsewhere. This year Dave said that if it would cheer me up I could do whatever I liked, but that didn’t seem fair (and anyway, the depression is nothing to do with Christmas, ON or OFF.)

But I have allowed myself a few cards on the dresser, and this decoration on the dining room table:


The ceramic stars were handmade by Zoe, who came over on Tuesday to take me out to lunch (as loving daughters do.) It was a beautiful clear sunny day, so we walked up the Trail and over the fields to the pub not much bigger than our sitting room. It’s been a ladies-who-lunch week. On Monday I had a wonderful Christmas dinner at Hassop Station with a friend, and yesterday I met my big sister half way between her house and mine – an hour’s drive.

We saw a fab exhibition of Quentin Blake drawings, such as this one -




It was so good to see Kath. Sometimes, there is no substitute for a hug from a sibling.


Dec06 005

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