Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Think global, act local

I was thinking about how depressed I was in December, and how the root of it was the loss of courage and hope.  Yesterday I realised that a feeling of defeat was in there, too…a feeling that there was nothing I could do to make the world a better place.

I went to Greenham, marched against Britain entering a war with Iraq,

iraq demo

demonstrated here there and everywhere, signed petitions, hawked petitions round door-to-door, volunteered at CAB, boycotted Israeli goods, knitted blankets, filled up Aquaboxes, donated money, etc, etc. 

Everywhere there is injustice, suffering, poverty and war. Politicians can’t or won’t solve the problems. Is there any hope?

Yesterday I had a messaging chat with a friend in her 60s who has just been accepted for Voluntary Service Overseas.

My friend, whom I am proud to know, said: “I just watched a TV programme called 1964. My time! We wanted to change the world!”

Me: “I am defeated with that one but you are still going strong. Kudos to you!”

Her: “I still want to, but actually don’t think I can any more.”

Me: “But you are! What else is VSO about?”

Her: “It’s about friendship, sharing, witnessing, helping.”


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