Tuesday, January 07, 2014

What’s important

In the heat of battling with life, bad news from every direction, trying to get fit on the bike again after the bad-weather break so every trip up the Monsal Trail doesn’t feel like forced labour, it’s easy to forget what I achieved last year…so I’ve been thinking back to encourage myself and reassure myself that it’s OK to be distracted from writing by the drive to clear out clutter (oh this Protestant Work Ethic is a hard thing to shake – actually – it’s not that, it’s my much loved mother always saying when she rang up “And what are you making/working on/writing?” ) ….so back to what I achieved last year…two ebooks published, one paperback published, that fantastic launch, beating down internet pirates, having BUT I TOLD YOU LAST YEAR THAT I LOVED YOU named as one of the National Autistic Society’s favourite novels about autism, finally finishing the Fair Isle hoodie…


But the thing is, two of my grandchildren came to play yesterday (and I had a brilliant time playing with castle Lego) and when Zoe said they had been very excited about coming over, that felt like a bigger achievement than any of the other more worldly ones above.  Just like when Lux ran across the concourse in San Francisco Airport last March, shouting “Sue! Sue!”  - I knew I’d hit the big time.

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