Saturday, February 01, 2014

Oh my God - Stoner

I have just got up after reading Stoner for an hour in bed. I feel extremely bad-tempered, despite the fact that it is the first bright sunny morning we have had in what seems like weeks. Stoner is a MISERABLE novel. It is well written, and everyone seems to be making a fuss about it so I thought I would give it a go, despite hearing it described as sad. I can do sad. But I can’t do miserable, even if the misery is beautifully written.

I once came out of a Mike Leigh film and blasted my dearest friend with “Why would ANYONE want to go and see such a miserable film? Why do YOU want to watch such miserable films?” She laughed.

This friend is a filmaholic with a catholic taste (which does not include violence) and enjoys watching all manner of movies, including subtitled things about abortion in Romania  - you know the kind of thing? – as well as more acceptable films designed for intellectual low-lifes and unashamed optimists like me.

When we’re planning a trip to the cinema, she will sometimes say – “I’ve checked the programme and there’s nothing suitable for you, Sue.”


Do I take things too seriously? Do I become too involved? Why can I not cope with this kind of stuff?

My view is that life is tough enough without reading, or watching, misery as a pastime. There is far too much misery in the news. (And just so you know –  Inside Llewyn Davis is an excellent film but I found it profoundly depressing.)

Now I am going to have a mug of Yorkshire tea in the sunshine and shake off that wretched book. I shall enjoy the daffodils on my desk, and the rest of my day.

Happy Saturday!


marmee said...

Oh I agree re Stoner!! ordered the book....waited with bated breath well written but struggle with the feeling that it is pointless. It is a journey with no destination.For goodness sake, let there at least be some insight by someone!! And the older I get ( am now 64) cannot even do much "sad" . It sticks in my mind and upsets me....movies even more than books.

Sue Hepworth said...

Yes, yes, yes. This is why I would never dream of going to see 12 years a Slave. I remember seeing Slumdog Millionaire - a film trumpeted as a feel good movie - and being incredulous that the first scene was of police brutality.