Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Plan

I hope you are all safe and warm and dry, wherever you are.

OK. Here’s the thing. I need to sell more copies of Plotting for Grown-ups, and in order to do it, I’m offering it for free.


For the next five days, you can get the ebook of Plotting for Grown-ups for free - from Amazon. Follow this link.

Even if you already have a copy – hard or virtual – please will you go to Amazon and get your free copy? The theory is that if enough people do this, the book will zoom up the charts and become visible to people who have never heard of it, and at the end of the five days it will be high in the charts and people will see it and actually buy it.

I really hope you want to help. Would you also publicise this offer to everyone you know who might be interested? You can email them a link or Facebook it or tweet it, or maybe just tell them face to face. (Radical.)

And for all of you lovely people who like to see photos of the Monsal Trail, here are some I took on Tuesday.

Cressbrook Mill from the Trail:


Cressbrook Tunnel:


The flooding river Wye from the viaduct:




The river Wye – from the other side of the viaduct:


And this is my drain on the lane – nicely cleared:


I’m thinking of putting up a blue plaque –

Drain looked after by Sue Hepworth, local author.

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