Sunday, July 20, 2014

Mothers are the only shelter in Gaza


gaza - mothers are the only shelter

I am pleased for you that you’re not on Twitter and can’t see the horrible photographs on there of injured children, and read the eye witness accounts of civilians lying dead and dying in the streets.

I am not going to post them here. They are too horrific.

Even the paramedics can’t bear it:

gaza - paramedic

Please give money to Save the Children

or Medical Aid for Palestinians.

Please boycott Israel – it is not anti-semitic to do so – look - these Jews are advocating we boycott Israel:

gaza -  Jews boycott israel

Please demonstrate.

Please educate other people about the issues behind the violence, behind the rockets from Hamas (which I do NOT condone) -

  • the seven year siege of Gaza
  • the destruction of its economy
  • the seizing of Palestinian land by Israeli settlers
  • the destruction of homes, olive trees, livelihoods
  • the treatment of of Palestinians as second class citizens in a country supported and armed by the west  - a country which prides itself as a democracy.

Here is a video made by Jewish Voice for Peace explaining the background

And now I must dry my eyes, take a shower, and cycle to Quaker Meeting.

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