Monday, July 21, 2014

Open letter to my MP about an arms embargo on Israel

Dear Patrick McLoughlin MP,

I have given up hope of this government condemning Israel's mistreatment of the Palestinians in the Occupied Territories, or the inhuman siege of Gaza, or even to call for a halt to the massacre of the people of Gaza.

But now the Israeli forces are committing war crimes - not just in the targeting of civilian areas, but


-namely, flechettes.

gaza - flechettes

In 2009 they used white phosphorus in civilian areas.

I call on the UK government to act with moral courage to condemn these actions, and to install an arms embargo on sales of any weapons at all to Israel. They clearly cannot be expected to act ethically in war.

Yours sincerely, and in huge distress at the suffering of innocent children in Gaza,

Sue Hepworth

If you want to write to your MP, you must include your full name and address to receive a response.

Yesterday I posted that in Gaza mothers are the only shelters.

Here, five children wait in the hospital for their mother, killed by the Israelis:

gaza - motherless children


marmee said...

I clicked on the link you posted a previous time....great website and info....started writing to a local retail chain who stock israeli products...they mark them as such clearly and will try to find a more public forum to keep addressing this...

Sue Hepworth said...

Thank you, Marmee. Your response is a huge encouragement.