Thursday, July 31, 2014

One day I will get my blog back…

…from the crazed, raging, heart-broken woman who has had to turn off the pictures in her tweetstream because she can’t bear to see another mutilated Palestinian child, and who has had to stop listening to BBC Radio 4 news programmes because she cannot take another Israeli spokesperson talking rubbish and being completely unchallenged by the pussyfooting interviewers. Yesterday I heard the BBC’s Ed Stourton on The World at One repeatedly challenging the poor United Nations guy, Chris Gunness, about the Israeli shelling of a UN school where he was based, as if he were a member of Hamas. And then Stourton gave a soapbox to the Israeli speaker and the strongest thing Stourton could say to him was “You are in danger of losing friends in the west.” Big deal.
Every morning I wake up hoping for good news, and today the headlines were that the US had condemned Israel, and were sending more ammunition. I am serious.
What is there to say?
I cannot write here about my happy life when children like these –
Gaza xmas 2009
who might be MY grandchildren – are being killed by the IDF, supported by my government and yours.
If you don’t understand what the roots of the conflict are, here is an article in The New Yorker, explaining it.
Here is an a short animation from Jewish Voice for Peace.
And here is a 3 minute video from Channel 4’s Jon Snow (made after he got back from Gaza) whose view of Palestinian children is the same as mine, and who singlehandedly counterbalances the Israeli bias of the entire BBC.
Please help other people to understand what’s going on.

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