Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Things I probably shouldn’t tell you…

…but you would know anyway if you followed me on Twitter.

1/ I love dungarees. These are my gardening ones. If you look carefully, you will see they are far too baggy. What? You can’t see? Look again!


And here are my new ones, bought in Boulder – also too baggy. A good four inches on the waist too baggy. I love them! I feel so happy when I am wearing them. But I haven’t decided yet if I dare wear them beyond the front gate. 


I probably shouldn’t tell you the second thing because some people find it irritating when you tell them cute things their children/grandchildren said…

2/ Lux (4) is preoccupied with death and dying at the moment, and we had lots of chats about it last week. I had to keep reassuring her that I am not so very old that death is imminent. For example, I could still ride a bike, couldn’t I? But at the weekend she was discussing the topic again with Isaac (her Dad), and she said thoughtfully - “Sue’s almost dead, right?”

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