Tuesday, October 07, 2014

A list of pleasures

“A multitude of small delights constitutes happiness.”



A list of ten small, but special pleasures:

- shiny new conkers

- finding an old letter from my mother (in my underwear drawer) that I’d forgotten about

- going to the compost heap at the top of the garden and spotting some autumn fruiting raspberries hidden in the convolvulus

- waking up to a morning of writing and feeling excited about the work in progress

- watching Neighbours in bed and finding that Channel 5 has forgotten to insert the adverts (oh, come on! You knew I watched Neighbours! – just like co-author Jane, and Sally Howe.)

- finding a home-cooked item in the freezer (that I’d forgotten about) that will do for tea

- a newsy email from a friend I haven’t heard from for a while

- an unsolicited hug from a grandchild, son or daughter

- coming home from a tiring afternoon in Sheffield and finding that Dave has already lit the fire

- finding that my 12 year old Moshulu slippers have finally split so I can buy myself a new pair without feeling guilty of extravagance.

I tag Chrissie Poulson and Megan Young of The Scent of Water blog to tell us their small pleasures.

Ooh, thought of another one… swearing when I play a bum note in my sax lesson, largely because my sax teacher says I am the only person she knows who can swear and not sound offensive (and this amuses me.)

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