Monday, November 24, 2014

Current status

work - The first draft of my screenplay for the TV serial of BUT I TOLD YOU LAST YEAR THAT I LOVED YOU is done. It’s currently being read by three friends.

life – I’ve finished taking the antibiotics and I’m pleased. They were making me have weird, disturbing dreams and also making me depressed.

the countryside  - (courtesy of Isaac)


readingThe Little House on the Prairie for the first time and Cut to the Chase for the second time.

today – I’m going to see my big sister and I’m SO looking forward to it.

thinking about – who could play Sol and Fran on screen. A friend suggested Alan Rickman

alan rickman

which is a great idea. But then Chrissie suggested Juliet Stevenson (whom I adore) for Fran

juliet stevenson

which is also a good idea, except I couldn’t then have Alan Rickman (shades of Truly Madly Deeply)

So Zoe suggested Dominic West for Sol, saying he might be persuaded to play the part because of the local connection (he grew up in Sheffield, which is on the edge of the Peak District).

dominic west

He’d have to be suitably aged….

but YUM.

Do any of you have any suggestions? You were full of bright ideas when I asked you the same question about Plotting for Grown-ups last year in this blog post. I need a striking man, so please don’t suggest Bill Nighy. He’s nice but much too weedy to play my Sol.

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